2018 Tour Dates

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All Inclusive Small Group, Privately Guided Tours

Traveling with Chef Dawn and her husband Fred is like traveling to Italy with family.   Group size ranges from 8-18 and everything is included once you arrive in Italy at your pick up point. Dawn and Fred were married in Venice 25 years ago and have been hosting travelers to Italy ever since. Twelve years ago, Dawn collaborated with the Small Restaurant Association giving her access and entry into the most beautiful family owned Trattoria’s and Inns throughout Italy. Through the years their Italian friends have become family sharing their love and passion for each region that Dawn Tours. These friends are with you around the clock and will become your friends too.

All the guides working with Cooking with Dawn Tours, LLC are experts at living “La Dolce Vita” and living in the moment! They are passionate about food, wine, art,architecture, history, hospitality and the beauty that surrounds them. Their passion will become your passion, their town will become yours! Dawns’ tours take you away from the maddening crowds and into the hearts of the local villages.

You’ll meet chefs, and local experts in all the arts. Even though your tour may only be a week or less, the tour starts the day you sign up. Dawn will share travel tips, reading lists, history, art, photographs and recipes that will prepare you for an amazing journey to Italy. Dawn believes the journey is just as important as the destination.  An it’s the journey that teaches you about the destination. Here’s toast to living “La Dolce Vita!”

Sunrise Over Venice

Italy Tours
Italy Tours

Sunset Over Tuscany

2018 Tour Dates

Reserve Your Place Today.

7 Night "Jazz Under the Tuscan Moon"

July 28th -August 4th, 2018

This time of year you’ll bask under the Tuscan sun, sip wine between the vines, dine “al fresco” in the most beautiful villages  and picnic an olive oil grove.  Mornings begin with a walk, yoga and quiet meditations.  You’ll enjoy  world class jazz performances each evening under the stars.  You’ll enjoy day trips to hilltop villages, sightseeing  and shopping with our local guides. There’s swimming and spa services available.

This Tour Includes:

  • Airport transfers from Florence and all transportation throughout the week.
  • Local guides and tours each day for the most intimate and up close experience.
  • 7 nights 4-star accommodations.
  • 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners, house wines included with dinner.
  • Revel in the Renaissance art, history and beauty of Sienna
  • Taste wines between the vines in Chianti and Brunello regions
  • Nightly Live Jazz Performances by World Class Musicians
  • Day trips to hilltop villages, local artisans, & frescoed chapels
  • Spend an afternoon in the splendid tower town of San Gimignano
  Seven glorious days of sensory overload!
Price-$3,920 double occupancy)
Price-$475 (Single Fair Supplement)

7 Night "The Splendors of Tuscany"

September 15th-22nd, 2018

Come visit Tuscany during the most beautiful time of the year. This all inclusive 7 day tour guided tour takes you behind the scenes to some of regions most beautiful places. We stay in the heart of the Chianti wine region in a lovingly restored 12th Century Monastery, outside the medieval town of Radda. You’ll eat like a local and taste food and wine you’ll never forget. The owners of the monastery live there and are with us 24/7. They are experts in Renaissance art, architecture and local history. Their executive chef has an open door policy and we are free to spend as much time as we want in this kitchen.  Each day we visit another town and vineyard.  One night we’ll travel  the town of Maremma for a visit to a spectacular vineyard and a glimpse of the sea.


Price-$3,650(double occupancy)
Price-$400(Single Fair Supplement)

3 Night "Viva Venezia" Mini Tour

September 12th – 15th, 2018  (Wednesday-Saturday)

 Visiting Venice, Italy in the early fall is the very best time to see this magical city. It is a place where everything is enchanting and even the most beautiful photographs will never capture the true feeling of being there. This 3 day mini tour is a fabulous way to truly get to know  Venice behind the scenes  in a small group setting. It is ideal before or after a Mediterranean Cruise.

This “All Inclusive Tour”  Includes:

  • Airport Transfers to and from the Airport in Italy.
  • 3 Nights at 4 star Hotel in Venice, Castello District.
  • Daily Historical walking tours of Venice / Private tour of St. Mark’s Cathedral.
  • Morning stretch class in park.
  • Local market tours and shopping.
  • A Cooking Class with Chef Alvise Ballarin of the Trattoria Laguna.
  • Excursions to the islands of Torcello, Murano and Burano.
  • Sunset Cruise in the lagoon overlooking the island of Burano and Venice.
  • 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners.
Price-$1,650(double occupancy)
Price-$375(Single Fair Supplement)